April 21: “What’s So Good About The Good Shepherd?”

“What’s So Good About the Good Shepherd?” is the first sermon in a series where Pastor Ace describes Jesus Christ as the Sheep Whisperer.  In the concluding verse of our sermon text, John 10: 11-20, the religious authorities try to turn a curious crowd against Jesus by asking, “Why listen to him?”  Dr. Wright-Riggins believes we should not be threatened by this question but see it as an invitation to more deeply explore just why we need Jesus in our lives.

April 28: “Claim These Words”

Pastor Ace leads us through a study of the phrase, The Lord…Is…My shepherd, word by word, which encourages us to stake our lives on Jesus, the Good Shepherd true blessings are found. 

May 5: “Don’t Make Me Come Out There!”

In the third week of The Sheep Whisperer sermon series, Pastor Ace addresses how the Good Shepherd deals with our fears, frictions, frustrations, and famish conditions enabling His flock to find rest. 

May 12: “Words For When You Walk Off The Map”

Pastor Ace’s sermon was “Words for When You’ve Walked Off the Map” based on Psalm 23:4 …
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
For You are with me. (NKJV)
He invites you to contemplate these questions and pray this prayer as you reflect on the Word:·What are you going “through” in your life right now that feels like being in a dark and lonesome valley?
  • During your darkest moments, how do you typically respond?
  • Why might it be difficult to be honest with yourself and others about your struggles?
Father, please renew my strength and hope in You. When dark moments invade my life internally or externally and bring me low, help me to come to You in prayer. Amen.

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