Join us on retreat

Times of retreat are not anything new. Making time to step aside from the demands of everyday life and listen for the Spirit’s guidance and direction has always been a part of the spiritual life. Many of those people we would consider spiritual giants made times of retreat an important part of their lives.

As you read the gospels, it is clear that Jesus himself found it important to take time for quiet reflection. In the midst of some of the most important and significant times of his life, we read of Jesus stepping away to commune with God.

Why times of retreat can be helpful

Times of retreat granted Jesus clarity of thought, strength for the journey ahead, and a reminder of the deep and abiding relationship he had with Abba Father. The same can be true for us as we make times of retreat a part of our spiritual formation.

The noise of everyday life: It is extremely easy to become caught up in the distractions of this world. Making time to go on retreat helps us focus on what is most important.

You benefit: While on retreat it is not uncommon for individuals to gain clarity about who they are, their relationship with God, and how the Spirit is inviting them to move within the world.

Those around you benefit: When you return from retreat friends and family will benefit from what you have learned about yourself, God, and specific situations on life’s journey.

Deepening Relationship: Psalm 42 speaks of Deep Calling to Deep — making time for retreat is one way in which we can respond to the depth of God calling out to the depth of who we are. As we honor God’s desire to grow in relationship with us, God will meet us in life-changing ways.

Here at First Baptist Church we speak of Empowering People to Grow into Mature Followers of Jesus. One of the ways in which we can help people on their spiritual journey is to provide times for retreat.

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