The Book of Revelation — What Jesus wants us to know

The focus of this study will be to explore what can be understood with certainty about Jesus’ revelation which we can learn and obey.  It is my belief that Jesus’ desire was to communicate certain ideas clearly, consistently, and unambiguously to his people. My hope is to use this study to further our church vision statement by “empowering people to become mature followers of Jesus.”

The Book of Revelation can be a difficult book to study because of its use of symbolic language and use of 1st century cultural references. Revelation’s content and writing style has led to multiple different theological interpretations which often result in differing and strongly held convictions. This study will not be based on or exploring any of these various end-time interpretive views.

The study will work its way through the 22 chapters of Revelation, focusing each week’s study on those things that Jesus revealed with clarity and certainty. The study is expected to run 10-12 weeks, depending on the level of discussion. Each individual study will be self-contained, so please do not worry about missing a week or joining the study late. My hope is to email a lesson outline to each attendee prior to the class. For those who wish to join via audio only, I will also email (or mail) a hardcopy of the slides.

  • Start date: Sunday, May 17thyou can stop in when available
  • Group will meet via Zoom Sunday evenings starting at – 7:00 PM

Please contact Ken Smith at kennethasmith@outlook.com or 610-304-5454 for more information on how to join the group [so you can get a zoom link and/or phone number].

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