Join us throughout the season of Lent as we look at the Kingdom of God.


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Feb. 21:
“The Upsidedown Kingdom”

Speaker: Pastor Dan

Scripture: Matthew 11: 25-30

The Kingdom of God is like no other. Wisdom and truth are hidden from the wise and learned while revealed to young children.

Those who are weary and burdened find rest while picking up Jesus’ yoke and learning from him.

The Kingdom of God often appears “upside down,” yet is an opportunity to see things correctly. If we are to accurately see and understand God’s Kingdom, we need to change the way we view the world.

March 14: “What Would You Give?”

Speaker: Chris Wells

Scripture: Matthew 13: 44-46

I was raised to understand that it is not polite to talk with people about money and how much they make (and you probably were too).

Jesus, however, speaks very directly into people’s lives about where their treasure is and how they are managing their material wealth.  If we are supposed to think of the Church as an earthly manifestation of God’s Kingdom and ourselves as citizens of that Heavenly nation, how should we talk to each other about Kingdom finances?

How are we to redeem our attitudes toward and behavior with money?  In this sermon, we will spend time meditating on Jesus’ words about financial matters and ask ourselves how we can act on them in our own lives.


April 4, Easter Sunday: “Kingdom Transformation”

Speaker: Pastor Dan

Scripture: Matthew 28: 1-10

The empty tomb provides us the perfect example of what the Kingdom of God is all about. Death, darkness, pain, and suffering are transformed into VICTORY! New life arises out of a season of disorientation and disruption. We are invited to live this truth every day!

As participants in the Kingdom of God, we can help bring about renewal, transformation, and rebirth. We can seek to restore relationships, demonstrate grace and love, and extend mercy to all people. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven.


Feb. 28:
“The Kingdom within you”

Speaker: Pastor Dan

Scripture: Luke 17: 20-21

We have often heard people ask, “when will the Kingdom of God begin?”

Jesus had an interesting answer for such questions. He taught that the Kingdom of God is within us, or in our midst.

If the Kingdom is already here, what does that mean for how we should live each day? How would our lives be different if we stopped watching for the coming Kingdom and started to live each moment as if the Kingdom was already here!?

March 21: “Who Is My Neighbor?”

Speaker: Pastor Mark Avery

Scripture: Luke 10: 25-37

This Sunday, we welcome Pastor Mark Avery of Greater Works Ministries, Kennett Square, to share with us about the Kingdom of God. Pastor Avery is a gifted speaker, good friend, and ministry partner. I am excited for you to hear what he has to share with us.

March 7:
“The Kingdom of God:
Room for growth”

Speaker: Nancy Nicewonger

Scripture: Matthew 13: 31-35

In today’s world, we judge value and worth on external appearance. Jesus uses a mustard seed to illustrate the Kingdom of God.

A mustard seed, small and not impressive, can grow to be large and strong once planted. The Kingdom of God offers opportunities, hope, and welcome that we may overlook. Still, with faith, the strength of God is there and available.


March 28, Palm Sunday: “Seeking Justice?”

Speaker: George Fresolone

Scripture: Matthew 18: 21-25

Have you been treated unfairly? Perhaps you know someone who has been. I know that if someone were to harm my family, I would want that someone punished, but is that justice? The parable of the Unmerciful Servant in Matthew 18 causes me to pause. How do we apply Jesus’ teachings in a culture where it seems that grievances are fashionable?

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