Deserts can be difficult places. Resources are low, obstacles abound, moving forward can be difficult.

The past months have a desert feel to them. 

  • COVID-19,
  • racial tensions,
  • political turmoil, 
  • financial instability, 
  • uncertainty about the future, 
  • trying to determine the best way to educate our children this fall.

In August and September, our services focused on how best to travel desert seasons. 

While traveling through a desert is often difficult, deserts can also be places of great opportunity and promise. We focused on what we can learn about God, ourselves, and others that will help us navigate the world in a more peaceful and redeeming way.

In thinking of these desert seasons, I have been drawn to the story of the nation of Israel as God led them out of captivity in Egypt, toward the Promised Land. Their desert season was filled with lessons that prepared them to experience the best God had for them. I believe the same is true for us.

God is doing amazing things in our midst every day. Life may be overwhelming, and yet we are being prepared for the new thing that God is doing.

We invite you to watch the sermons — as you begin or retrace your own desert journey — as we explore how to walk this desert season in a way that prepares us to fully experience the transforming, renewing, restoring work of the Kingdom of God. 

Pastor Dan 



If you would like the members and friends of First Baptist Church to be praying for you as you walk through your desert season, please submit your prayer request here.

How has God used the desert season to help strengthen, or cause you to grow? What lessons have you learned as you traveled a difficult season? Share your thoughts here.

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