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Our Leaders at First Baptist Church

Church Officers


Senior pastor: The Rev. Daniel Nicewonger

Moderator: Betty Gordon

Acting treasurer: Ken Smith

Financial secretary: Kent Reasons

Assistant financial secretary: Charmaine Everhart


Clerk: Barbara Miller

Not pictured, Assistant Treasurer: Baron LeGault

In December 2017, FBC formally entered into a One-Board, Team-Based ministry model of leadership, something it had spent three years transitioning toward. We had found that over time, the board and committee-led structure that had served us well for so long was hindering effective ministry.


Pastor Dan: Teaching elder

Betty Gordon: Administrative elder, and 2020 moderator

George Fresolone: Teaching elder, also chairman of PRC

Chris Wells: elder of worship, and teaching elder










Ken Smith

Kent Reasons









Dave Freeman








Linda Smith




Property team: Tim McDonald, Howard Jamison, Chris Goldberg




Kathy Allaband



Christian Living

Cora Goldberg


Missions: In 2020 we developed mission advocates, people who commit to developing relationships with a specific ministry or missionary on behalf of First Baptist Church. Learn more about them here.

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