While we may long for things to go smoothly, life can sometimes be

anything but peaceful and calm. 


In recent months it feels like our world has been experiencing one disruption after another.

How are we to live and move amidst chaos and confusion?

Seasons of disruption will come our way. How do we make the most of them?


What lessons can we learn about God, ourselves, and the world around us

when we feel a sense of disorientation start to overtake us?


The writings of Walter Brueggemann inspire this sermon series. If you want to order a copy of Brueggemann’s “Praying the Psalms,” you can find it here.

In “Praying the Psalms,” Walter Brueggemann explores three unique types of writings found within the Psalms.


  • Psalms of orientation capture the heart and mind of people who are experiencing the best life has to offer.


  • Psalms of disorientation express confusion, complaint, and even distrust. The Psalmist openly questions if God is present amidst seasons of disruption.


  • Psalms of re-orientation share the heart of one who has experienced the faithfulness of God amidst a season of disruption. There is a renewed enthusiasm to experience what Jesus talks about as “life to the full.”

We can face seasons of disruption or disorientation because even in the face of chaos, God is good all the time; All the time, God is good. 

As we cry out to the One who knows the depth of our being, we find that even the most difficult of situations can be re-orientated into life-giving opportunities.

There is truly a Psalm for Every Season!

A Psalm for Every Season will begin on Sunday, Dec. 27. 


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