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Acts 12: 1-8

On Sunday, Pastor Ace continued the “Transformed by the Spirt” sermon series, focusing on moving from hopelessness to hope.

With Acts 12 as his text, Dr. Wright-Riggins spoke of the predicament of Peter, languishing in a prison cell. Into that bleak situation, an angel appeared bearing light.

The angel spoke to Peter:

  • Get Up!
  • Get Dressed!
  • Get Going!

Where might you feel imprisoned today personally or socially? 

How is hopelessness looming in your life relationally, financially, emotionally?  

How might the angles three directives be speaking to you situation?



Abba, grant me the courage to take a small step, even if the path ahead seems unclear. Guide me towards the light, even if it takes time. Surround me with love and support, from those around me or from your unseen hand. Help me find the strength to keep going, one day at a time. Amen.

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