Our song of the month for February is “My Feet Are on the Rock” by
acoustic worship team I Am They. This song is from their sophomore album Trial & Triumph and heavily references (in fact, quotes!) classic praise song “The Solid Rock.” 

You can learn a whole lot more about these worship leaders, including their testimonies and what brought them together, at www.iamtheyband.com/bio

You might be asking yourself, “How do they choose the song of the month?” That’s a great question and, like many great questions, the answer is a little bit complicated. Most songs that we want to teach the congregation come out of a member of the worship team’s private worship. Sometimes God brings us songs through suggestions from the

Another way we choose is based on a theme. For example, we’ve learned a handful of tunes, e.g. “Oh How I Need You,”  because we worship well together when we do bluegrass/country gospel songs.

We’ve even a few First Baptist of Kennett Square original compositions along the way!

All of this is an expression of our belief that God wants us all to
continually be singing new songs

A closing thought. Our overarching theme for our songs-of-the-month this year is upbeat, uplifting, and energetic songs of praise. If God has placed a song on your heart and you feel strongly that we should all expend the effort (another bit of our Theology of Worship) to learn it, then by all means let someone on the worship team or Pastor Dan know!

Christopher Wells
Elder of Worship

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