Cancer has a way of upending every area of one’s life, as well as the lives of those near the patient.

Pastor Dan has been a seeker his entire life, seeking a deeper relationship with Abba Father. His journey was disrupted when the doctor said, “You have stage IV colon cancer.” Questions of “Why” and “If only” crowded his mind. “Can one encounter God in the midst of a cancer journey?”

Join this seeker as he shares the pain and joys of this journey not of his choosing. Dan writes with a transparency intended to allow others to see the struggles that lead to healing and life. He writes with openness, sharing the joys and struggles of learning to truly live with cancer. Daniel shares of learning to walk with his oncology team, how the journey affected the caregivers in his life, and the disruption to family and work life.

Dan is joined by his wife, Nancy, as she shares some of her thoughts and feelings while watching her husband fight his battle.

 The Journey Continues is Dan’s witness that one can find joy, peace and comfort amidst the storms of life. While everyone’s journey is different, there are lessons to be learned as Dan shares the realities of learning to live with his “new normal.”

Come join with Pastor Dan and find “Joy Amidst Life’s Struggles.”


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